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Spring Fuel Challenge Kicks Off Today: 3-2-1-No Gray Area Go


Spring Fuel Challenge Kicks Off Today: 3-2-1-No Gray Area Go

5 rounds:
Row 2:00 minutes for max calories
Max rep double-unders in one attempt
Rest as needed.  Alternate rest with a partner.

Your score for each round is the calories rowed on the erg plus the number of double-unders completed. Example: 32 calories for row + 30 unbroken double-unders = 62. If you miss your first double-under, your score for the DU portion of that round is zero (ie no second chances).  You must start the DUs within 15 seconds of getting off the erg.

Accuracy anyone?

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE: Meet at the shop.

Spring Fuel Challenge Kicks Off Today

This spring’s fuel challenge is quite simple really.  We define Paleo, draw a hard line in the sand, and embark on a 30-day journey to better our health, performance, and longevity.  Why 30 days?  Because 30 days is habit forming. It’s why our Foundations Course is a month!

This challenge was designed with each and every one of you, our athletes, in mind.  After sifting through the many different stories of triumph and defeat of past challenges; we came to a hard but definitive conclusion: the people who succeed buy in 100%.  Cheat meals, fuck-ups, oopses, work arounds, phases of Paleo and not Paleo, and excuses will never, ever, get you to where you want to be.

Life is hard, or rather, life is real.  Many of you have experimented with Paleo and have seen huge improvements in the way you look, feel, and perform. You’ve made an investment in your long-term health by embracing a way of eating that drastically lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. But over time, you’ve let some of your old habits or favorite vices sneak back in. You’ve told yourself that a few cheats here and there won’t really matter in the long run. Or you’ve bought in at a level that “works for your lifestyle.”

We applaud the commitment you’ve made thus far, but we also want you to understand that if you continue down this path, you will never reach your full potential in the sport of life. The fact is that the foods you eat are so closely tied to the way you look, feel, and perform that the margin for error is almost zero.

What does the less than 100% world look like?  In this world it’s OK to eat like crap because you’re on vacation.  The kids can have Mac n’ Cheese for dinner and then you can nibble it off their plates.  You can eat a pint full of ice cream and as long as the scale doesn’t move more than five pounds, it’s ok, you got away with it.  You can bake your heart out with Paleo treats and it’s ok to eat them until you pass out in a natural sugar coma, because it’s Paleo.  You can have a SICK day on the mountain and celebrate it with a beer at the lodge because it’s just like old times.  And, you can have a bad day and justify a skipped workout for nachos and drinks.

But that path is a trend of disappointment.  One where we want things to work for us and we hope we have found the system that lets us do the least and get the most.   IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY AND IT NEVER WILL. We cannot eat what we want and look, feel, and perform great while warding off disease later in life.

So yes, there is no glamorous design to the challenge this time around.  There are no work arounds, gray areas, swap-outs, excuses, or maybes.   You either do it, or you don’t.

We don’t want to hear any excuses because there aren’t any.  If you are not happy with your current state of being take a hard look at all of the gray area in your Paleo existence and either choose to live with the trade-offs (a few extra pounds, slightly higher cholesterol, mood swings, afternoon crashes, sugar and alcohol hangovers, and crappy athletic performance) or choose to do something about it. There are people in the world that live Paleo, 100% of the time, day in/day out, on holidays, in times of tragedy and in times of celebration, at restaurants, and at home.

All we’re asking for is 30 days.

Go get it Roots Crew – you’re going to do great!

2 Responses

  1. Cara Hinshaw

    I have a couple of “challenge” questions:

    1. Mineral water (e.g. San Pellegrino) is OK, right?

    2. Avocado is listed on the “list of approved Paleo foods” as a fruit. Does avocado count towards the 4 servings of fruit rule, and if so, how much avocado = 1 serving?

    3. If I make salsa with limes (fresh squeezed lime juice), does some amount of salsa = a serving of fruit? Same question if I squeeze a lime wedge in my water…


    1. mineral water is fine but probably expensive.
      avocado is fat so it would count towards your fat not your carbs.
      1 lime is one fruit serving so yes it would count, regardless of how you use it.

      hope that helps.