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Stronger, Faster, Healthier Visit and Girls Gone RX Competition


Stronger, Faster, Healthier Visit and Girls Gone RX Competition

25 Kettlebell swings (2/1.5 pood)
5 wallball (20/14)
20 Kettlebell swings
10 wallball
15 Kettlebell swings
15 wallball
10 Kettlebell swings
20 wallball
5 Kettlebell swings
25 wallball

Can anyone find Shane in this picture? Check out the neon 3-year anniversary tees along with some more subdued colors at the shop this week (yup, the 3 on the back is for “three years” or, if you like Babe Ruth, that works also).

Stronger, Faster, Healthier Visit and Girls Gone RX Competition

Check out two great events coming up this weekend!

First, Matt Aporta of Stronger, Faster, Healthier is coming to hangout at Roots THIS FRIDAY from 6:30 – 11:30am.  SFH makes all the great protein powder and fish oil that you see at the shop.  And, what better way to kick-off your Friday than with a healthy dose of fish oil!?  Come try out samples of SFH products and ask Matt questions about the products.

Second, come check-out the action on Saturday as not one BUT THREE teams of Roots women make their way to the Girls Gone RX Competition in Denver.  The competition is a fundraiser for Barbells 4 Boobs and these women recently met their first goal of raising $5,000 dollars for the cause.  Check out the cause here!

We’ll post all the details about the competition in Friday’s post including start times, workouts, and location.

13 Responses

  1. Hah! The only time I’ve ever laughed out loud at a Rootsblog before today is when it has been a preposterous/hateful WOD. Thank you, Shane, for changing that.

  2. Pood? Pood? What the eff is a pood? We have lbs, kilos…what else do we need? Shall I run 400 megalithic yards? Lunge 1/2 furlong? How about 4 score pull-ups? Deadlift 5 votmel? Let’s keep it simple – what’s written on the side of the kettlebell (or for dummies like me, just the color)? -Joel.

    1. Joel – if we employed this more in-depth naming system you have listed here it would allow us to create a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings-like CrossFit world of movements and exercises. We could have middle shop to designate the no mans land between alternating classes, each class time could have its own name, such as Kettleworts, and exercises could be renamed things like Deadlifdore. What do you say?

      1. Well, Nicole, 1) Those weights, amounts, and lengths I listed weren’t from fantasy books. I just Googled “archaic measurements.” 2) My beef is that we don’t need another weight measurement, as we have two already (okay, okay, lbs is a measurement of force, not mass). A pood (40 funt, for those keeping track at home) means nothing to me. 24 kilos, now that makes sense (it’s even written on the side of the damn thing!). -Joel.