2016 Regional Event 6
For time:
1,000-meter bike
100-ft. handstand walk
10 overhead squats
500-meter row
50 burpee box jump overs
5 overhead squats 
Men use 225 lb., Women use 155 lb.

Join the Hatch Squat Cycle this June - September.

Join the Hatch Squat Cycle this June – September.

Roots is proud to offer a new structure to the Strength Program for the 2016 summer.
Beginning Wednesday, June 22nd, Ryan’s Strength class will start a 12-week Hatch Squat Program. The program is built around the back squat and front squat. Each session will round out with general and deadlift-specific accessory work.
The program will take place during the regularly scheduled Wednesday strength class at 12:30am and an additional Friday class time, also at 12:30am. Participation in both classes throughout the 12-week cycle is encouraged, but not required.
Athletes will record their lifts in SugarWOD and the program will build throughout the 12 weeks.
There is no advanced sign-up for this program. Athletes will need to sign-up for the regularly scheduled group Strength class in order to attend each day and week.
Start Date: June 22nd
End Date: September 19th
What: Hatch Squat Cycle
When: Wednesday and Friday at 12:30am
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