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The 12 Day Reboot – DAY 10


The 12 Day Reboot – DAY 10

DAY 10 of the 12 Day Reboot
No alcohol, no sugar, lights out by 9:30pm, eat more greens, hangout in a squat. See below for more info.

3 rounds for time of:
10 dumbbell hang squat snatches, left arm (55/35)
5 bar muscle-ups
10 dumbbell hang squat snatches, right arm (55/35)
5 bar muscle-ups

It’s time to address the often neglected side of fitness: mobility!  We get it, there’s nothing sexy about working on mobility, BUT, it makes the sexiness of a good WOD that much sexier!

Day 10 (to be completed January 11th)
Accumulate 15 minutes in a squat.  Spread your effort out over the course of a day or get it all in one go.

Watch the video above and notice how neither of them look like a dog taking a poop, so when we say accumulate 15 minutes in a squat we mean, as we always mean when we say “squat”, spend 15 minutes in a good squat.  Below parallel, weight in heels, knees driven out over ankles, and chest up.  And if you’re considering wearing your Oly shoes, you’ve already failed.

In fact, if you don’t wear shoes at all you’re better able to tell if your ankles are collapsing (like Kelly mentions in the video).  Not sure what I’m talking about or already wearing orthotics?  Watch this:

Rebuilding the feet, Part 1

8 Responses

  1. Marcus Martin

    I completed 9 one minute squat holds before/during the WOD this morning (in my black Nano 2.0s, for those tracking shoe color and model) and 6 one minute squat holds (barefoot) in my office in front of our lab who, looked confused and concerned that I was squatting in her space.
    I’ve also been fully compliant with eating my green veggies, but that hasn’t been a challenge for me because Paula has been doing an awesome job of cooking my meals and sneaking greens into the food without my knowledge!

  2. PMart

    squat holds completed. dinner last night: chicken meatballs with scallions and spinach over sauteed chard. never thought i’d hear the boys complain that i didn’t make enough chard!

  3. Lindsey Lettvin

    Squats done–came in before WOD and got 10 minutes down then after WOD, 5 more minutes down. Hip flexors were tight! Need to squat hold more, I guess. Compliant on greens, arugula and broccoli today.

  4. Stacey

    Ahhhh, squats. I messed up keeping time somewhere around 7 minutes, but I think I got the rest done over the course of the day.

  5. Stephanie

    Just wrapped up my squats in time to get ready for bed! I loved the veggies today but had a small amount of honey in my tea… the perils of also not drinking coffee. Interesting video about foot position: thought I would share this — I wore orthotics for a long time but basically stopped when I started Crossfit. When they discussed heel spurs as a result of a collapsed foot position, I remembered that I’ve had big spurs my whole life (like a rooster!)… and looked down at my feet…oh wait, they’re gone! Pretty wild.

  6. Jeremy

    squats done. I got 2 minutes in this morning, and the rest this evening after dinner. Mostly a handful of 2:00 holds. Had a couple of salads today – taco salad for dinner, and a salad with olive oil + balsamic vinegar for second dinner.

  7. Brittney Wilburn

    squats. right knee pain. not sure what that’s about but it started with the wallballs last friday…done.