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The 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectionals


The 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectionals

4 rounds:
200m run
36- 27-18-9 wall ball

The CrossFit Games Sectionals will be held March 20-21 at the Colorado State Patrol Academy in Golden, Colorado.

NEWS: The 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectionals registration will open tomorrow (Wednesday, December 23rd) at 2:00pm MST. There is a good possibility that registration will sell out in one day.  If you plan to compete, and we hope you do, read on for information on the event and registration process.

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test to determine the fittest man and woman.  The two-day competition tests athlete’s ability to perform in all areas of fitness in a format that is unknown to the athlete until a few days prior.  The road to the CrossFit Games begins with the CrossFit Sectionals, moves on to the Regional Games, and then finally the CrossFit Games.

The top 30 (male and female) athletes of the CrossFit Sectionals are awarded spots at the CrossFit Regionals.  The top four (male and female) athletes of the CrossFit Regionals will go on to the CrossFit Games in Aromas, California in the summer of 2010.  Registration is open to all.

We hope you will consider competing in the CrossFit Sectionals.  This is a great two-day event where you can test your abilities and feed off the adrenaline of a motivating community of athletes.  You just may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

Mountain Sectional: March 20-21
Colorado State Patrol Academy 15055 South Golden Road, Golden, CO 80401
States: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 womenThe

12 Responses

  1. Molly Molter

    Nicole, what is the website to register for the Sectionals? Is it Front range CF or is it on the CF Main site?

  2. June

    I would love to go as a spectator (don’t think I’d be able to do the WOD’s as RX’d) so if someone signs up, I’d love to go as the “spectator” and will pay for half of the registration fee. This will be awesome!

  3. Molly –

    The registration site is the hyperlinked in bright blue in the post.

    When registration goes lives tomorrow at 14:00 (2:00pm) it will be posted on that site.

  4. June – they will scale the sectionals WODs. You will have a scaled option for every workout. This will be a fun event. If you’re at all intrigued (and you should be given your recent accomplishments!) I would consider registering!

  5. I’m guessing some sectionals are a one day instead of a two day event. Ours (the Mountain Sectionals) is a 2 day event so registration is $100. I believe 5 workouts over 2 days.

  6. Emily

    Nicole–Will you register me since I’m traveling tomorrow? I’ll email you my info and CC number. June—you should sign up!