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The Champion.


The Champion.

Workout.  Yes, there will be one.  Come find out what it is.  Do we know what it is?  Yes, we’ve known for two weeks.  Why are we doing this to you?  Because we care.  Constantly varied, what!?

MaryAlice takes home the 2012 Crocktoberfest title. Her name will be added to the trophy alongside the great crockpotters that came before her, including 2011’s champion, Wendy.

The Champion.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the 2012 Crocktoberfest.

And a HUGE congratulations to our 2012 Champion, MaryAlice!

Second place: Lucie and Iggy (tie)
Best Dessert: Shayna
People’s Choice: Brenda and Brendi

Also a big thank you to our supreme judging staff: Juli Bauer of, Taylor, Ryan, and Shane.

And – big ups to the Roots Crew that competed at the 2012 Master Championships in Denver.  Full recap tomorrow!

9 Responses

  1. Grandpa Mojo

    Well, what were the winning recipes? – I remember Wendy’s from last year was some kind of awesome ribs cooked using coffee, yes?

  2. Paula Creevy

    Oh the mystery of programming… will you write a post sometime about programming? I’m curious how far in advance you plan, the reasoning of how you phase things in and out from month to month and the variables you consider… like ‘wow, people are sucking at pullups lately…’?

    1. Hey Paula – we could definitely write a post about it although it might come across as more of a dissertation!!:) A lot of thought goes into programming from a 1-year long range view to weekly evaluations. We have a plan but also read the athletes on a weekly basis to make tweaks and changes as needed.