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The Graduate


The Graduate

75 power snatch

Shane during CrossFit Open WOD 12.2.

The Graduate

A huge congratulations is in order!  On Monday Shane graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy.  We at Roots are so very proud of him and the opportunities that await him as he mixes two of his loves: massage and CrossFit, to help athletes live better and perform well.

The program, which consisted of over 200 hours of human science lecture and hands-on learning as well as over 400 hours of massage therapy technique and hand-on course work, explored a wide variety of massage modalities practiced.

Over the past year we have seen Shane grow as a coach and practitioner as he works with athletes to correct long time issues that affect quality of life or the ability to do a workout as desired.  This is a powerful skill – seeing movement in relation to performance gain or loss.

The CrossFit community of coaches, PTs, and athletes has learned over the past few years, with the influence of experts such as PT Kelly Starett, that most athletes are performing at a fraction of their potential due to immobility and chronic issues.

We are excited to see where Shane takes his practice.  And you never know, some in-house massage just may be coming to Roots!;)

Stay tuned and congratulations Shane.

18 Responses

  1. John

    Shane – Congrats and well done! 

    An unsolicited testimonial:  In days past, several of my parts – back and shoulder to name a few – have been abused and out of commission, and have kept me out of the Roots Shop for extended periods.  Shane’s intuition and bodywork dramatically accelerated my recovery and I believe his bodywork maintenance and guidance on lifting form/ self-help has kept me healthy.  I give Shane an unreserved thumbs up.  Go see him!

  2. Thanks everyone!  Having a really awesome group of people (coaches and athletes) to be around both before and after classes helped.
    I’m waiting on final papers from the state that say I’m good to practice and I’ll be up and running.  You will all know when that happens so stay tuned!

    Thanks again!

    1. WOO HOO Shane!!  Massage Therapists rank very HIGH on my list of FAVE peeps!!  And yes, I’m going to join the long line of folks outside wherever you decide to hang your shingle 🙂

      Your pal, CAL

  3. Fraseronly

    Shane, well done, congratulations. Glad all the hard work has paid off. Something tells me there will be a line of broken bodies at your door pretty soon.