Pausing Front Squat
Hold 3 seconds at the bottom of the lift.

Jake on his way out of the bottom of a thruster.

Jake on his way out of the bottom of a thruster.

The Open Q&A – We Want to Hear From You!

The CrossFit Open is a special time at CrossFit Roots.  It’s perfectly placed during the transition from winter to spring and by the last Friday night, daylight savings has kicked in and the excitement of warm weather rolls through the garage doors.  Every week we see individuals accomplish things they never thought possible – from getting their first toes-to-bar or their first chest-to-bar pull-up to scoring a few points for their Roots team.  This yearly gathering of over 130 Roots athletes is ridiculously fun.

Many people ask, why would I do the Open?  But what many people don’t ask us, but think to themselves, is, “I’m intrigued by doing the Open, but what if…?”

…what if I can’t do a movement?
…what if I’m nervous to have a judge?
…what if I don’t finish a workout?
and the list goes on…

Today, we invite you to post your questions to the blog.  Ask us anything and we’ll shoot your straight.  If you want to be anonymous, that’s fine!  Post your comment as a guest!