Please note, the Erg WOD has been cancelled today as Lauren is out sick.  Get well soon Lauren!


30 rounds for time of:
5 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Handstand push-ups
225 pound Power clean, 1 rep
Holleyman is the last benchmark work for January.  Come log you score and compare to October!


Brenda working her way through Open WOD 14.5 with daughter Brendi cheering her on.

Why I Did the Open – Brenda Bonilla

In the second installment of our “Why I Did the Open” series we interview athlete Brenda Bonilla.
Age: 48
Occupation:  Marketing Director/Systems Administrator
Family: Married (Celebrated our 25th Anniversary last May)
My daughter Brendi is is also a member of CF Roots as well as my niece Arlene.
WODs per week:  My goal is a minimum of 3 WODs during the work week, I try to do this 1 day on 1 day off, and if I can do a 4th WOD (or an ERG WOD – I have recently discovered a new found love for rowing) during the weekend, that just makes my week.

1. How many years have you been CrossFitting?

October 2014 was my three year anniversary.

2. How many years have you done the Open?

I have participated in the open for the past two years.

3. Why did you choose to compete in the Open?

Luckily, I have not competed with an injury but I have this knee that needs a lot of TLC, and even with it, I was able to do the open.

4. Were you able to do all the workouts?

Nope, not at all, but that did not matter much to me, I had a terrific time trying and doing the workouts that I was able to do.

5. What is your favorite part about the Open?

The CF Roots community is like no other, everyone comes together during the open in support of each other.  All you hear is:  “Did you do it already?”  “How was it?” “Have some tips for me?”  The open is an opportunity to meet even more of my fellow Roots members.

6. Are you doing to compete again this year?

Yes, I am doing it for me, to retest some skills, to push myself, to be accountable for my training during this time.

7. Anything else you want to mention?

You get to share in the CF Roots community like no other time during the year, it’s quite worth it no matter your skill level.  I am very excited about being able to do even more of the Open with the announcement of SCALED WORKOUTS!