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Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday

For time:
21 one-legged squats with a 65-lb. dumbbell
185-lb. clean and jerks, 15 reps
9 muscle-ups


Recognize anyone?

Throwback Thursday

With our 6th year anniversary approaching I couldn’t help taking a trip down memory lane in the CrossFit Roots Flickr account.  Here’s a throwback to Roots’ early days in the old space.  Still the same shenanigans and a lot of the same people, just a much smaller space and not as many toys.  

We enjoy our new home but we never forget our Roots!

Were you around at the old shop?  

16 Responses

  1. lisa p

    I see a Bones, a Sampo, a Jasmine, a Sara and a Jordan. Oh man, looking back, how was it even possible that we could have a workout with pullups, HSPU and wall balls? I miss the olden days!

  2. Kevin Kinnear

    I think I was getting ready to puke. Or faint. Or perhaps in a fit of efficiency, I was moving from one movement to another without fully standing up. Or, maybe Shane is right and I was BUSTIN’ A FRIGGIN’ MOVE! (Is that still a phrase in use?)

  3. Marcus Martin

    Shane: Have you or anyone else in Roots senior management taken note that certain blog post topics – – namely, those involving flesh and, ahem, Bones – – tend to generate an exceptionally high comment rate? Perhaps you should give this topic a bullet point on your next management agenda for serious consideration and further action. Not saying that the other stuff is boring – just that some things are more interesting than others.

    1. shane

      Marcus, do your wife and children know you’re posting comments on the blog? Is this not covered in your social media restrictions?
      We know what our people like but we also have to be aware of scaring off new members. I mean look at those moves! This is all I can hear:

      1. Marcus Martin

        No. And don’t tell them. To the best of my knowledge, my restrictions apply only to SugarWOD.