For time:
20-calorie bike
165-lb. clean and jerks, 20 reps
20-calorie erg

Update your fix!

Hey there, Athletes!
SugarWOD has recently upgraded its mobile app. In order to continue using SugarWOD, all users of the mobile app on Android and iOS need to update to the latest version before January 15th, 2017.
iOS users must update to version 3.5.0 or greater. You can do that here
Android users must update to version 2.3.0 or greater. You can do that here
Anyone not using the latest versions by January 15th, will not be able to access SugarWOD on their phones. Don’t let this happen!
Note: If you’ve updated your SugarWOD app in the last three months, you should have the most recent version and your use won’t be interrupted.