Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Today is big number 12 for the Foundations Courses.  They’ve put in the work, learned all they could, and they’re coming to a group class near you starting tomorrow! Congratulations to:
Jordan, Sarah, James, Chad, Rebecca, Jason, Terri, Jasmine, Molly, Christy, and Zack
Molly and Emily are off to the Colorado Open this weekend – DO IT.


One of the Foundations Courses finishing out week 4!

The Paleo Diet Talk with Dr. Loren Cordain is less than 1 week away!  If you purchased tickets you should have received an email yesterday with information regarding the event, parking, and the reception to follow.  Please contact us if you purchased tickets and did not receive this email.

Paleo Kits are in. Email us your order!  They are $5 each.

Costco prep! – So you got the list, diligently went up and down the aisles at Costco and now you’re home with tons of food that will inevitably go bad unless you pack, marinate, store, freeze, and prepare the food.  Your first step is Tupperware! That’s right, buy a set (maybe 2) of good, top locking, sturdy Tupperware from Costco.  Ok we forgot to put that on the list yesterday, but add it to the Costco trip!

Mark you calendars!!!
Saturday, September 26th
Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer at MBS CrossFit
We will travel to Broomfield as a group to participate in this workout for a great cause.  Plan to join in the fun!!