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You Make the Difference

It’s easy to feel helpless in creating real change in global issues, but it really is true that every decision you make has an impact.  Mark Sisson wrote this article discussing the effects of people’s decisions regarding the food they put in their bodies and how those decisions are beginning to steer the market.  

In the article he claims that, “what starts as a commitment to ourselves becomes an influence on greater economic and societal forces.”  To me that’s a really cool concept because I think we often feel as though we have no control over such large issues or we feel that we have to go out and do something external to ourselves to make an impact.  But the change that we’re seeing today had nothing to do with us deciding to make a statement or rebel against the norm.  Instead, it all began because we wanted to better ourselves, and in turn we’re now beginning to see that betterment spread.  And we just happen to look sexier naked because of it!