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We love the Thanksgiving week here at CrossFit Roots. See below so you’re in the know!

Group Class Schedule

We will run a regular group class schedule on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. All regularly scheduled double classes will run with one coach, similar to a weekend format. 

Evening classes on Wednesday (4, 5, 6 pm) are canceled (see below for happy hour details)

Thanksgiving Day classes will be at 8:30 and 9:30am. YOU MUST SIGN-UP IN ADVANCE. 

Friday classes at 8 and 9am. 

Thanksgiving Eve Happy Hour at FATE Brewing Company

Join us for one of our most favorite events of the year! Happy Hour starts at 5pm. We’ve got the tab for a few hours. Come for a drink and stay for dinner!

Thanksgiving Day Workout

Another highly attended holiday event that you won’t want to miss. The catch is that you must sign up in advance on MBO. There is no waitlist and we are not able to add people to the 60 person class.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. No go sign-up on MBO!

And don’t forget, today is the LAST day to order fall apparel!

Option 1: Write in your order at the front desk on the order forms taped to the desk. 

Option 2: Visit the Roots Square store online here.

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