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2009 in the Books


2009 in the Books

Today is 2009, tomorrow will be 2010. Big deal, right?  It’s just another day; however, every new year, new month, new day, new hour is an opportunity to make a change, try something new, plan a path to attain a goal, or throw caution to the wind.

Ok – let’s get this rolling – what are your goals in the shop for 2010?  Aim high knowing how much you’ve accomplished in such a short period of Roots time.  Post to comments.

Happy New Year!

6 Responses

  1. Nisha

    I’m grateful for my 2009 introduction to CrossFit! I definitely would love to be able to a pull up without bands in 2010 and to gain confidence in my CrossFit ability.

    Happy New Year, Eric, Nicole and everyone at CrossFit Roots!

  2. 1. Bodyweight snatch
    2. Get back to a 300lb deadlift
    3. 1 free standing handstand push-up
    4. 15 bodyweight overhead squats
    5. Be able to touch the ground with my palms with legs locked out

  3. Eric

    1 minute handstand
    Bodyweight snatch (Nicole stole that one from me;-)
    Ability to relax in doorway stretch for >5 minutes each leg.
    Deadlift 450 by July 1

    Happy New Year everyone!

  4. Molly

    I agree, Trevor. I hate “new years resolutions.” Goals for 2010: Freestanding handstand, chest to bar pull ups, and get the “bump” timing right in a clean.