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Where’s my T-shirt?

Last day to pre-order your CrossFit Roots t-shirt! Burpees and power cleans for today's WOD. August Foundations Courses are filling up FAST - reserve your spot now.

Thrust This

Welcome to CrossFit Roots' newest members Kelley and Allyson. The Missing Winks won the Paleo Team Challenge. Heavy thrusters today.

Rest. Recover. Or Go Play Outside.

Diabetic Weight-loss Plan Yields Long-term Success Excerpt: The mainstays of the “Why WAIT?” program are a low carb diet and tailored exercise. “We use significant calorie reduction and reduce carbohydrates to 40 percent of calories and increase protein to 30 to 40 percent of calories — this is key for...
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Can I Graduate

REMINDER: Saturday workout at CrossFit Roots, 9am. Stephanie and Nathan, which was better: your wedding day or yesterday’s graduation from the CrossFit Roots’ Foundations Course?  I’ve got to think it’s a pretty close call considering you did the Foundations Course while married.  Just a thought. Congratulations to Stephanie and Nathan! ...
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Paleo Challenge WOD 3

Pre-order for the CrossFit Roots t-shirt starts tomorrow!  We’ll post the link here. Today we’re doing the last of the 3 Paleo Team Challenge WODs. WOD: Four rounds for time of: 5 reps 275 pound Deadlift, (185# women) 100 m sprint 10 Burpees