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CrossFit Kids Starts April 9th


CrossFit Kids Starts April 9th

Weighted Pull-ups

Everyone needs to learn to squat. Period.

CrossFit Kids: April 9th – May 21st

It’s back! CrossFit Kids returns to CrossFit Roots on Monday, April 2nd. Read below for all the details. Sign-up will be posted and available on our website tomorrow at 5:00am.

Meet the Coaches and Free Try-it-Out Class: Monday, March 19th at 3:15pm.
Meeting day and time: Mondays from 3:15-4:00pm
Ages: 6-12.
Program length: Monday, April 9th – May 21st (7 weeks)

Program size: Limited to 15 children.

What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is a generalized strength and conditioning program of constantly varied and functional movements. The program utilizes the CrossFit methodology and applies it in a scaled manner suitable for children and focuses on the concept of pairing fitness with fun. CrossFit Kids incorporates many of the same movements done in the adult classes. Life, sport, and fitness require us to be able to run, jump, throw, hop, leap, pull, and push and our the Kids program develops just that.

What is a CrossFit Kids Class Like?

An example of a CrossFit Kids class would be a follow-the-leader warm-up, learning a skill or movement with PVC pipe, a mini WOD, leap frog races, and would finish up with an obstacle course. The class is run in a fun and encouraging environment that embraces the fact that kids will excel at different skills and exercises at different rates.

Who Can Participate?

Our CrossFit Kids classes are suitable for most kids ages 6-12. Just like CrossFit for adults, CrossFit Kids is scalable to all ability levels. The neat part about CrossFit Kids is the fact that because of the varied nature of the exercises and skills incorporated, every kid will excel and be challenged by different aspects of our program.

Who Are the Coaches?

CrossFit Roots Kids is staffed by a duo of coaches – Nicole and Eric Christensen.

What Should My Kid Wear?

Kids should come in athletic clothing and should bring a water bottle. Either tennis shoes or skate shoes (like DCs or Vans) are great footwear for what we do. Gatorade, other sports drinks, and fruit juices are not permitted at the shop.

Parents Role

We ask that parents drop-off and pick-up their child before and after class. We find that children do best when they are given an environment with coaches and teammates only.

How Does the Program Work?

Our CrossFit Kids program works in Sessions. The first session is 7 weeks in length and meets one time per week.

What is the Cost of CrossFit Kids?

$105.00. We offer a 15% sibling discount.

How Do I Sign-up my Kid?

Check back here tomorrow for the posted sign-up link.

Can My Kid Try it Out First?

We will host a Meet the Coaches and Free Class on Monday, March 19th at 3:15pm.

Can I talk to someone about all of this?

Email nicole @ for specific questions about our kids program or Post questions to comments.

7 Responses

  1. Michael

    What time do other parents’ schools get out? We really want our 7 year old to do this but her school doesnt get out until 3.15.

    1. Hi Sampo – the time was decided a few ways.  First, we need the class to be done by 4pm as we do not want it to overlap at all with the adult classes at this time.  If she can come late, that’s ok!!

  2. Hi from the Whiteboard widget – we are currently fixing a couple of bugs, but will get everything up and running soon! Thanks for your patience! 

  3. Hank

    Nicole & Eric… THANK YOU!  Rex was so happy this morning when I told him you were going to be offering Kids Crossfit.  Since his mom and older sister joined Roots a few months back, he’s been on me non-stop to get him into Kids Crossfit (like I have some control over it).

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