From the 2015 CrossFit Regionals:

Tommy V

For time:
115-lb. thrusters, 21 reps
15-ft. rope climbs, 12 ascents
115-lb. thrusters, 15 reps
15-ft. rope climbs, 9 ascents
115-lb. thrusters, 9 reps
15-ft. rope climbs, 6 ascents

Intimate time with the shop wall.

Intimate time with the shop wall.

From the CrossFit Journal: No Rest for the Foolish

It’s 8:00pm and Eric gets home from teaching Foundations. I have to coach at 4:40am the next morning to teach the AM classes. He walks in the door and I say, “Want to watch an episode of Game of Thrones?”

Deep down I’m hoping he’ll cave in and say yes even though we both know that watching an hour show is not what will set us up for the best sleep that night – or the best performance in our workouts the next day.

In this article by Bill Starr, he reminds us of how those little decisions add up to affect our performance in the gym. We often chase performance with training and nutrition but forget the simple, and quite easy, element of rest and recovery in regard to the numbers we are able to put up at the shop.

No Rest for the Foolish

The article was a good reminder to trade the TV for a book and an early bedtime for an easier wake-up. 

Do you put sleep at the same level of importance as nutrition and training? Post to comments.