Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Are you ready for ski season?  June is.

Are you ready for ski season? June is.

Eric and I went to see Warren Miller’s Dynasty this weekend – which is the best way we know, especially in this town, to kick off ski season each year.  We know that CrossFit makes for better skiers and snowboarders but with our varied training comes consistent soreness.  So how do you ensure that your legs are fresh and ready to go when ski day rolls around?   Your first question should be, what is my primary focus? If you answered SKI SEASON (and not CrossFit), then read on.

Most of you will fall into one of two categories; the “weekend on the mountain” skier and the “one day a week-er.”

Weekend on the Mountain Skier

Your week is broken in to two distinct parts: the 2 days you spend on the mountain and the 5 days you spend waiting to get back to the mountain.  If you spend Saturday and Sunday hucking it on the slopes, you most likely will want to take Monday off.  Use this day to recover, and realistically, run errands, get to the grocery store, do laundry, and reset for the week.  During the week, get in your CrossFit with a T,W,Th schedule.  Alternatively you could get in a Monday workout, rest Tuesday, and then hit Wednesday and Thursday.  Both of these options are  great if you head up Friday after work and they give your body a full day of rest before the weekend’s big event.

One Day a Week-er

This may be on the weekends or, if you’re lucky, a mid-week trip without spikes in your blood pressure along 70 on the way home.  Make sure this day is set to be a good one by making smart decisions and realizing that if your ski day is your focus then a 5×5 deadlift WOD the day before might not be the best idea.

So be smart, ask questions and utilize your coaches for answers.   Many of you utilize CrossFit to do the sports you love better. You’ve put in the work and are ready to tear it up, so make sure you do a little extra planning and get the most out of your training!

So last question – who has a pass?  Which one?  Who goes up mid-week or on the weekends?  Maybe you can find a new ski partner this winter.