deadlift (185/125)
wallball (20/14)

Where do I start?  This weekend was nothing short of inspiring and amazing.  Thank you to CrossFit Verve, Colorado State Patrol, the many volunteers and judges, and the Roots family that came to cheer on the crew.

Scott and Blakely were kind enough to write on their experience this weekend cheering on the Roots crew at the Mountain Sectionals CrossFit Qualifier. Read below.

Pictures and slide show posted tomorrow.

Games Recap from Scott and Blakely

Blakely and I were lucky enough to watch the Roots Crew at the Crossfit Sectionals this weekend.  For those of you unable to go, the Crossfit Roots crew was absolutely inspiring in every single event . . . and in every single way.  There were some amazing things to see — Nicole did 29 muscle ups in her first event on her way to a dominating performance.  (As our coach, we rarely get to see just how hard Nicole can rock it…and boy can she rock it!  Crazy to see how focused, calm and just spectacular she was in each event.)

By just reviewing the standings, it is easy to miss the many small feats the Roots Crew did that should make all of us really proud to be in the same gym. Some of the things that really resonated with us:

  • Knowing Lawrence had to do 2X kettlebells because of strict judging (which we respect, but can also want to challenge) — and still finished every event with top notch form and integrity.  And have you seen his top to bottom box jumps?
  • Seeing Emily get her heaviest snatch after repeated failures . . . but did not give up, refocus and pushed the bar up with all her might for a PR.  In the final event, we knew Emily was made of greatness.  Just when we thought the squat cleans might have the best of her as she lost her balance, appeared to get crushed by the bar, hit her head on the bar behind her . . . she got up, again found her focus and then proceeded to rock the lift as if it wasn’t even heavy.  This girl has what it takes.
  • Watching Olivia tough out her squat cleans, knowing when to make compromises — and then BANG out her chest to bar pull-ups as fast as anyone!  She also deserves some big ups for an 8th place finish in the row!
  • Watching James on his first round repeat his 9th of nine chest to bar pull-ups at least 10 times . . . but like the rest of our Roots Crew, did not give up, and came back for the second round for a flawless one by one execution.  He also PRed his snatch by 20lbs!
  • Knowing Chad did 9 muscle-ups after telling me earlier he “got one at the gym before”.
  • Watching Stephanie squat clean 95 pounds like it was a bar of feathers and then go straight for kipping pull-ups that sure she may have had to “frog up” but damn she got them all out and went right back for her next set of 95 pounds.
  • Watching Molly deliver a flawless final event, her rhythm between squat cleans and chest to bars was stunning.  Molly executed each event with determination and skill and was one spot shy of regionals — and thank goodness . . . because we have her for our affiliate team . . . and she will rock the house!
  • Smiling each and every time Tracy made her next snatch . . . we couldn’t help but smile in response to the ear to ear grin she had when she knew she had landed it . . . oh . . . and then she proceeded to do five muscle-ups!  Tracy – these were your games!  8th place finish overall!!!
  • We could write a whole blog entry about the perfection of Nicole’s performance.  But here is our takeaway . . . while she had to focus on her own performance, she watched each of her athletes, coached them, cheered them and congratulated them.  But when it was her turn to take the stage, she delivered with cool perfection, maybe even with a smile during her torturous fourth round of chest to bar pull-ups.  We could say so much more, but I think 1st place says a lot!

The highlight of the games for the Roots Crew Gals had to be the Row/Swing/Run event.  Each of them crushed their heats . . . 100% attributed to our coach Nicole instructing them to pace themselves and their ability to heed her instruction while every other girl blew themselves up in the first round. This is a prime example of why we train at CrossFit Roots.

The completely intangible was how everyone cheered and rooted and encouraged and suffered with each athlete.  It was wonderful
to see how the Roots Crew supports their athletes.  I am proud and I know that if and when any of us choose to go compete somewhere, they’ll be there rooting and encouraging every way they can.  Regionals – here we come!

As we were exiting the building, high on adrenaline from watching Nicole win the last event and take 1st, a guy stopped us (we were in our Roots gear) and said, “Where is CrossFit Roots?” and followed with “You guys really represented!” (and he did not mean we were all wearing T-shirts).  He was in awe of our gym, our athletes and our camaraderie.

It took us by surprise too.  As we drove home with some tears (yes it was emotional), we are in awe of our gym, our athletes and our camaraderie.