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Olympic Weightlifting Meet Results!


Olympic Weightlifting Meet Results!


8 minutes to complete:
1-mile run
315-lb. deadlifts, max reps
Then, 10 minutes to complete:
1-mile run
225-lb. power cleans, max reps
Then, 12 minutes to complete:
1-mile run
135-lb. overhead squats, max reps

Do not rest between rounds. Post run times and reps completed for each exercise to comments.

It's ok to have squat jealousy.

It’s ok to have squat jealousy.

Olympic Weightlifting Meet Results!

The 2014 Spring Olympic Weightlifting Meet was a huge success!

25 lifters from Roots as well as other shops around Denver came and competed in our first meet of the year. Many great lifts were made and some notable Roots performances include:
  • Cassie Finer (who will always be a Roots athlete!) won the women’s division and made a very strong 180 clean and jerk! Nice job Cassie!
  • Bethany Strothman made a great 230lb. total and got second in the women’s division.
  • Nicole Speer practically muscle snatched 110 and looks very strong with much more in the tank.
  • Pam Walter showed up ready to lift and went 92.5/125.
  • Jasmine Yap let out several roars on her way to a 220 total.
  • Katie Walkden made a great 85lb. snatch on her last attempt.
  • Margaret Graham hit a solid 125 clean and jerk.
  • Molly Molter was a little off but competed with heart and attacked a clean and jerk PR  fearlessly!
  • Davis Hart made a nice 220 clean and jerk and has more in the tank.
  • Josh Miers made a strong 330 total
  • Sam Gaard was fighting a bad shoulder but came back to lift 225 in the clean and jerk.

Download the full results: Results 2014 Spring Oly Meet.

Thanks to everyone who competed, all of our great volunteers, and all of the spectators who showed up to give support to the weightlifters!
Our next meet is the Roots Summer Oly Meet on Aug. 8th. Sign up is open here.
See you on the platform!

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  1. If you just say the workout and thought…abort!…come on in, we’ve got tons of scaling options prepared whether it’s the run or the loading that’s making your nervous. See you there.

  2. Googs

    I like what Nicole said to the 7:30 class, as they approached the whiteboard this morning: “welcome to crossfit”.