CrossFit’s Eva T. was in a plane crash last Saturday. One of the original “Nasty Girls” and the namesake of the benchmark workout “Eva”, she remains in the ICU and faces a long road to recovery. 
For many in the CrossFit world, the name Eva Twardokens conjures up memories of Santa Cruz, OG CrossFitters, and the old school videos that inspired us when CrossFit was in its infancy. 
On Saturday, February 16th CrossFit Roots will do the workout Eva. We invite you to join us for the workout to support one of the OGs. This event is open to every CrossFitter. Please come join us. Classes will start at 8, 9, and 10am. We’ll offer Rx, Scaled, and Partner versions of the workout. 
A GoFundMe has been set up for Eva T by Annie Sakamoto, also an original “Nasty Girl.” 
As is the tradition at CrossFit Roots, we will donate the proceeds from this year’s CrossFit Open/SufferBetter tee to a charitable cause. This year’s donations will go to Eva T. Stay tuned for this year’s design and pre-order. 
We hope you can join us this Saturday and give “Nasty Girls” a watch for old times sake. 
Please share this with your Boulder and Denver-area CrossFit friends!