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Sugar Will Kill You.


Sugar Will Kill You.

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Sugar Will Kill You.

Do you want Type II diabetes?  Eat a Snickers.  How about heart disease?  Grab a Twix.  What about cancer?  Then munch on a Reese’s.

Today is Halloween.  And, across America individuals will be starving their brain and body of nutrients with the consumption of processed, refined sugar.  It’s actually no different than any other day in America but that’s for another post.

Two years ago Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to tell their kids that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy and to film the resulting effects.  The video is listed above.

At CrossFit Roots, we present to you a new challenge!  We dare the parents of CrossFit Roots to tell their kids tonight, when they are in costume and ready to go out trick-or-treating, that you have decided that sugar is evil and that it will kill them and the they can’t go trick-or-treating.  Then send us your video.  If it makes the blog, we’ll give you a Roots t-shirt!

Have a great day and remember, sugar will kill you.

11 Responses

    1. Melanie! Now that’s crossing a line;). Besides, Santa has lived for years on massive quantities of sugar so obviously that would not support our Halloween sugar will kill you argument.

  1. Dia

    This is mean and not funny in my opinion, entertainment for adults at the expense of our children’s trust. I am in total agreement, however, that sugar is poison and cringe when it passes my children’s lips. I just think there are other ways to fight the sugar battle. For years we have been THAT house that passes out candy alternatives… money, gum, pencils, etc, at the chagrin of our kids. Frankly, I wish more people did it. We also put in place a Halloween candy policy: eat as much as you can tolerate on the night of Halloween and then save only as many pieces as your age (Rex, age 7 keeps 7 pieces of candy). The rest of the loot is left out for the “Candy Fairy” who takes the nasty stuff away and in exchange leaves a small gift (legos, art supplies, etc). This is our way of keeping our children healthy without missing all the fun. Teaching them healthy eating habits doesn’t need to be cruel.

    1. Melanie

      Dia! love the small gift idea. We’re letting them keep 5 pieces, and I think the small little gift will make them excited to give up the rest. I agree with you – I think teaching awareness, moderation and discipline around sugar is key. Maybe if my parents had taught me that, then I wouldn’t need to participate in not one, but TWO, Roots food challenges to better learn this behavior around sugar myself. Doh! Happy Halloween!

    2. And really, the candy is a small part of Halloween. The holiday itself up there with Christmas for our kids, but the candy has always been an issue; no parent wants to give unfettered access to 8 pounds of sugar. Fortunately, our kids aren’t super into sugar, so after they go to bed, The Great Pumpkin comes and takes their candy, replacing it with a small present, leaving aside a couple pieces. They are fine with it, and it ties into the Charlie Brown Halloween episode. Sometimes moderation is the lesson.

  2. Blaine

    I find this to be quite entertaining. I don’t think it’s mean. It’s called tough love. The parents ate all their candy, because they love them. Ancillary benefits include the facts that it was filmed and that it’s hilarious. But seriously, my parents were way meaner/trickier and did not restrict my Halloween candy consumption. I trust them and I think I’m doing OK as far as my insulin levels.

  3. Mango

    Ben and I thought up a new one for our kids this year. The act of obtaining candy in huge amounts is really what it’s all about to them. Literally running from house to house. Once they’ve amassed it, it’s hard to part with. So, we’re giving them incentive this year. we’re paying them by the pound. They can keep a little bit, but the more they give up, the more cash they get. So, we’ve said they should go get as much as they possibly can carry. I’m going to send it to the troops. They are totally psyched for the $