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The Open – Move Your Fingers a Register!


The Open – Move Your Fingers a Register!

Five rounds for time of:
7 Muscle-ups
95 pound SDLHP, 21 reps

Wallballs and rope climbs proved to be a spicier combination than most anticipated.

The Open – Move Your Fingers a Register!

Join the Community Event – you won’t want to miss it.

The CrossFit Games are approaching! The CrossFit Games is CrossFit’s annual competition that crowns the Fittest male, female, masters athlete, and affiliate team.

The road to the Games is a long one and it starts right here, at CrossFit Roots with the CrossFit Open.

The CrossFit Open invites EVERYONE in the world to participate. This online competition is the most inclusive competition in the world. Think about it as the biggest celebration of fitness imaginable – and we want YOU to participate.

Beginning February 22nd for five weeks, CrossFit will post one workout each week for athletes to compete at their affiliates all over the world. Athletes will post their scores the same week.  Roots will host a weekly throw down one evening each week.  We will post details on the

The top 60 athletes from each region will advance to the CrossFit Regionals three-day competition. In addition, affiliates will qualify a team for Regionals with the top three male and female scores posted each week. The top 30 teams will advance to the Regionals.

ANYONE at Roots, as long as you are registered for the Open, can contribute to our affiliate’s effort to qualify a team as the scoring takes the top three scores from male and female athletes each week.

What does that mean? It means, WE NEED YOU!

Finally, the top 20 masters in each age group, worldwide, will advance to the CrossFit Games.



Top 3 reasons to participate in the CrossFit Open at Roots.  Post to comments.

8 Responses

  1. Ali

    Top 3 Reasons:

    1) Guaranteed hang out every week with the coolest people in Boulder in an adrenaline filled, super supportive environment.

    2) Helping the Roots Team qualify for Regionals – you can only HELP the team!  Everything counts.

    3) Proving to yourself that YES, you CAN do the workouts!  And crush them. 🙂

  2. I love your reasons Ali.  Here are three more!

    Top 3 Reasons: 1. Remember how much fun the Benchmark Series was this past summer?  This will be even MORE fun.
    2. We’ll play Master Sampo’s stereo system SUPER LOUD.
    3. Everyone will be able to do the workouts! – and they’re generally SUPER COOL workouts.

  3. Emily Molter

    I wasn’t clear in my last post.  Which day at Roots will athletes be able to do the weekly open workouts? I’m trying to decide if I can compete depending on my school schedule.

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