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"This One Doesn't Look So Bad"


"This One Doesn't Look So Bad"

20 rep max back squat, 1 attempt

Joe and Emily lookin’ mighty fine at the holiday party!

“This One Doesn’t Look So Bad”

Ever starred at the whiteboard and thought to yourself, “oh, just (insert any two straightforward CrossFit movements), this won’t be that hard.”  Then three minutes into the workout you think to yourself, “what the hell was I thinking?! – this. is. awful.”

We’ve been there too.

One of the beauties of CrossFit is its simplicity.  How a simple couplet, two movements paired together, can create a response that takes you the car ride home to recover and which you’ll be feeling for days.

Oftentimes we get sucked into the trap of the “crazy” or “extreme” looking workouts.  We view workouts that are long, a shit show, or that have many odd movements as the “really” hard ones.

Remember, we want to “live in couplets and triplets, go heavy every few days, and occasionally go long.”  This is the short version of the programming that gives us the good stuff.

6 Responses

  1. JakeDurling

    I’d just like to point out that I won’t need to start the workout to know that a 20 rep max back squat WOD is going to be awful. Just saying.