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Olympic Weightlifting Clinic

Welcome Ryan! We’re very excited to host Ryan Landis for our first Olympic Weightlifting Clinic, today 9-11AM. “In your life, you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team.” Oh yea, that’s a quote from a Taylor Swift song.  Perspective.  Get some.

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Team workout in the Park Done by teams of two.  Partners may work at the same time to complete the couplets of exercises BUT must leave for the run together and may not start the next couplet of exercises until both team members have returned. 50 wall ball/50 push-ups 400...
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Team Workout Tomorrow

Workout in the Park – Sunday, North Boulder Park at 10am!  Be there. Curious about this thing called CrossFit?  Our weekend workouts are open to all.  Email us if you are interested in participating or just show up 15 minutes prior to the start.