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CrossFit Open Wrap-up · 26 March 2012

CrossFit Roots wraps up the 2012 CrossFit Open.

The Open Season · 24 March 2012

Roots reflects on the close of the open season.

ROOT UP. · 23 February 2012

CrossFit Roots throwsdown on CrossFit Open workout 12.1.

Open Shop. · 19 February 2012

CrossFit Roots encourages folks to register for the Open.

Planning for the Open. · 18 February 2012

CrossFit Roots details its weekly plan for the open.

Forty Five!…and Counting for the CrossFit Open · 17 February 2012

CROSSFIT Roots has 45 folks signed up for The Open.

The CrossFit Open at Roots · 16 February 2012

CrossFit Roots details the plans for the Open.

Have YOU Registered for the Open? See below. · 15 February 2012

CrossFit Roots calls out those who haven’t registered for the Open.

From Pseudo-Paleo to Really-Damn-Close-to-Paleo · 20 April 2011

CrossFit Roots does CrossFit Open workout 11.5 and Hank shares his bloodwork.

Spring Fuel Challenge Talk – 2pm · 9 April 2011

CrossFit Roots prepares for the Spring Fuel Challenge Chalk Talk.