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No Pace in Grace · 9 March 2010

Functional movements part 2. Tosh does Grace. Roots does Grace.

Just Because You Shop at Whole Foods… · 9 May 2009

First off, thanks to Tosh for coming out and coaching our group yesterday morning.  In the process of getting set-up I forgot to give him a proper introduction, which I realized when a few of you later asked me, “who was that guy that coached us?” Brian Chontosh (Tosh) is a badass CrossFitter and technique […]

Tosh Comes to Town · 8 May 2009

WOD: – Teams of 3 – 3 exercises: KB swings, overhead walking lunges, box jumps – Complete as many repetitions as possible in 20 minutes  – Team rotation is kicked off when teammate doing overhead walking lunges  drops bar.  Each teammate is relieved from current station when teammate sent to relieve reaches station. Makes sense, […]