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Olympic Weightlifting Meet is Tomorrow! · 24 April 2014

Details on the Spring Olympic Weightlifting Meet.

Diane Sanfilippo and Practical Paleo Comes to Roots · 20 April 2014

Diane Sanfilippo, author of Practical Paleo, comes to Roots for a book signing.

Roots Competition and Events Resource Group · 15 April 2014

Roots forms a Facebook competition and resource group.

The 2014 CrossFit Roots Oly Meet Series! · 9 April 2014

Details on the 2014 Olympic Weightlifting meet series at CrossFit Roots.

14.5 BBQ and the Kevin Ogar Fundraiser · 23 March 2014

Details for the 14.5 Kevin Ogar Fundraiser and BBQ.

Kevin Ogar 14.5 Fundraiser and BBQ · 16 March 2014

Roots and the Kevin Ogar fundraiser.

Why I’m Doing the CrossFit Open, Part 5 – Parry · 27 February 2014

The first open workout of 2014 is a repeat! Parry describes why he’s doing the CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Roots Welcomes Paleo Girl in the City – Maddie Berky! · 20 February 2014

Maddie Berky guest coaches at Roots for the weekend as Eric and Nicole steal the coaches for the annual staff retreat.

Be My Valentine · 13 February 2014

CrossFit Roots celebrates Valentine’s Day.

Why I’m Doing the CrossFit Open, Part 3 – Andrea · 11 February 2014

Why I’m doing the CrossFit Open series, Andrea.