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Meet a Coach: Get to Know Blaine · 22 January 2013

“Lynne”Five rounds for max reps of:Body weight bench pressPull-ups Meet a Coach: Get to Know Blaine Roots recently welcomed Blaine to the coaching staff. While he is working on learning every Roots athlete’s name, we wanted to give you a chance to get to know him as well. Here is a glimpse into his life […]

Meet a Root – Allison · 6 September 2011

Annual shop closure Day 2. Meet a Root – Allison Months CrossFitting? Since Feb 2010—18 months I guess Favorite WOD or lift (pick one)? The Chief Least favorite WOD or lift (pick one)?  Any WOD with DUs What do you do for work? (career)  I’m the art director for 2 magazines about beer What is […]

Meet a Root – ODog · 15 December 2010

Roots highlights athlete Olivia Woodruff.

Meet a Root – Ryan Cook · 7 December 2010

Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps Months CrossFitting?  5 Months Favorite WOD or lift?  It’s between Hamburguesa and the one with the 5k but I’ll need to keep it up for a while longer to have a real favorite. Least favorite WOD or lift?  They’re either really good, really hard, or both. I don’t really have […]

Tarable… · 1 December 2010

Tall Tara, Tara Anderson’s blog, gets some Roots props!

The Week of the GHD: Hip and Back Extension AND Meet a Root · 9 November 2010

CrossFit Roots describes the hip and back extension. Jennifer Roberts is our Meet a Root!

Meet a Root – Jim Kienholz · 19 August 2010

Meet a Root, Jim “Lil’ Jim” Kienholz. Roots does the hero workout Roy.

Meet a Root – David Mejias · 5 August 2010

Meet a Root with David Mejias.