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Meet a Root – ODog · 15 December 2010

Roots highlights athlete Olivia Woodruff.

Meet a Root – Ryan Cook · 7 December 2010

Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps Months CrossFitting?  5 Months Favorite WOD or lift?  It’s between Hamburguesa and the one with the 5k but I’ll need to keep it up for a while longer to have a real favorite. Least favorite WOD or lift?  They’re either really good, really hard, or both. I don’t really have […]

Tarable… · 1 December 2010

Tall Tara, Tara Anderson’s blog, gets some Roots props!

The Week of the GHD: Hip and Back Extension AND Meet a Root · 9 November 2010

CrossFit Roots describes the hip and back extension. Jennifer Roberts is our Meet a Root!

Meet a Root – Jim Kienholz · 19 August 2010

Meet a Root, Jim “Lil’ Jim” Kienholz. Roots does the hero workout Roy.

Meet a Root – David Mejias · 5 August 2010

Meet a Root with David Mejias.