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The First Pull · 16 February 2014

Description of the first pull and how to approach it.

Washingtonian Magazine Article · 9 October 2013

CrossFit Roots explores the Washingtonian article on CrossFit and Pregnancy.

The Pistol · 8 October 2013

CrossFit Roots explains the pistol.

CrossFit and the Local Food Economy · 21 September 2013

CrossFit and the Local Food Economy article.

Do Genetic Advantages Make Sport Unfair? · 17 September 2013

Malcolm Gladwell’s article on doping and genetic advantages in sport.

Rope Climbs – Strength and Technique · 11 September 2013

Rope climb technique talk and video.

HEY! – Read This Post · 5 September 2013

Description of how to return to CrossFit after a period of time off.

Benchmark Girls Explained. · 3 September 2013

Benchmark Girl workouts explained.

Sleep Deprivation and Overeating. · 11 August 2013

Sleep deprivation and overeating.