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Nicole Passes the CCFT and Earns the Certified CrossFit Coach Credential · 24 August 2014

Nicole Christensen earns the Certified CrossFit Coach (CF-L4) credential.

The 2014 CrossFit Roots Harvest Hoedown · 18 August 2014

Details on the CrossFit Roots Harvest Hoedown.

Going Green · 17 August 2014

Reminder! – The Cool Cruel Summer August is Thursday!  Order food here. 3 rounds for time of:500-meter row30 lunges20 back extensions10 handstand push-ups Going Green One of the most common suggestions we received in our shop survey was for us to find ways to be more environmentally friendly in regard to the paper used for retail sign-out and […]

We’ll See You at 11AM! · 16 August 2014

In teams of four, AMRAP 30 min:400m runbox jump up and oversburpee pull-upswall walksOnly one teammate may work at each station at a time.  Teams must stay in same order throughout.  We’ll See You at 11AM! Today’s the day!  We hope you’ll join us at North Boulder Park at 11am for the annual Anniversary Party […]

Happy Five Year Anniversary Roots! · 14 August 2014

CrossFit Roots celebrates its 5 year anniversary.

Olympic Weightlifting Meet Recap · 13 August 2014

Hang power snatch 5-5-5-5-5 repsthenTabata Row.8 rounds::20 on/:10 off Olympic Weightlifting Meet Results and Roots Recap The 2014 Roots Summer Oly Meet is behind us and what an event it was!  44 weightlifters from around the area competed on Saturday and the competition was thick! Roots had a strong showing with 13 of its own athletes lifting, many […]

lululemon Night and Cool Cruel Summer August! · 12 August 2014

Don’t forget, the 2015 Competitor Program interest meeting is tonight at 7pm!  Click here for details.  Reminder!  Anniversary Party Details HERE. 10 rounds for time of:15 push-ups100-meter sprint lululemon Night and Cool Cruel Summer August! The next few weeks are jam packed with awesome events.  If you missed the blog yesterday, be sure to check […]

Anniversary Party Details and Workout · 11 August 2014

Details on the annual Anniversary Party and Family Picnic and workout.

Fall Schedule Updates! · 10 August 2014

Double GraceFor time:135-lb. clean and jerk, 60 reps Fall Schedule Updates! As the summer cools down and becomes fall and the kids go back to school, we will shift back to a lot of the regular Fall-Spring class schedule times. Beginning next week, you’ll see the following shifts to the schedule as well as some classes […]

Important Posts From the Past Week! · 8 August 2014

Five posts you won’t want to miss covering how we program at Roots.