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And He’s Off – The Basic School Bound · 11 October 2013

Send-off for Pat Malone to the US Marine Corps Basic School.

Washingtonian Magazine Article · 9 October 2013

CrossFit Roots explores the Washingtonian article on CrossFit and Pregnancy.

Why Chest to Bar Pull-ups Are BACK! · 7 October 2013

Explanation of why we’re working chest to bar pull-ups as a skill.

New Skills! and Some Old Favorites. · 6 October 2013

CrossFit Roots introduces new skills for the fall.

Harriet Blazey Christensen · 3 October 2013

Harriet Blazey Christensen arrives. Eric and Nicole’s daughter.

Retest Week! · 29 September 2013

Retest of summer skill work.

Roots Women’s Program Celebrates One Year · 23 September 2013

Roots Women’s Only Program celebrates one year.

Floodraiser From 8-11am Today! · 20 September 2013

Floodraiser (fundraiser) to raise money for flood victims. Money donated to the Foothills Flood Relief Fund.

She Said Yes! · 4 September 2013

Shane and Ari get engaged.

Hero Workouts Explained. · 2 September 2013

Randy75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time. Hero Workouts Explained. There are two types of named workouts in CrossFit – benchmark Girls and Hero workouts. Hero workouts are created in honor of men or women who have died in the line of action or while serving their country or local community. Randy is a […]