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And the Winner is… · 5 March 2010

1 rep-max Snatch or Overhead Squat Paleo Showdown Winner The results are in.  The top five finalists in the Paleo Showdown, in no particular order, were:1. Tara2. Andrew3. Brian4. Karen5. Mari After careful deliberation and judging, we arrived at a clear and obvious winner. Congratulations to BRIAN!

Paleo Showdown Closes Down · 1 March 2010

30-25-20-15-10-5 rep rounds of: Abmat sit-up Knees to elbow 95 pound Stiff legged deadliftModified hero workout Stephen so we could do it at our shop. Paleo Wrap-up The Paleo Showdown has come to a close.  Who will be our winner?  Let’s go to the digital camera.  Make sure to have your picture taken today or […]

Rule #1: MetCon, Rule #2: Beware of Bathrooms · 23 February 2010

Kelly WOD. Roots Paleo Showdown rules left to Roots athletes.

Man, We Love CrossFit · 17 January 2010

Broken 5K. Paleo Showdown starts today. CrossFit Total week. Ladies Workout on Friday

Paleo Showdown: Caveman a Caveman · 11 January 2010

Roots announces the next Paleo challenge. Food Inc., watch it.