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Olympic Weightlifting Meet is Tomorrow! · 24 April 2014

Details on the Spring Olympic Weightlifting Meet.

The 80s Are Back!! · 19 August 2009

the 80s themed workout kicks off today at 6pm. Drinks to follow on the roof deck at the West End. Check out the members of the new Foundations Course.

Canyon Run · 5 August 2009

Running up Boulder Canyon today. Big-ups to Allyson who got her first kipping pull-ups yesterday!

Your Choice for 20 Minutes · 3 August 2009

Athlete’s choice for the workout: Cindy or Mary. Tickets to see Dr. Loren Cordain Paleo Talk go on sale today.

Rest, Recover, or Go Play Outside · 2 August 2009

CrossFit Roots is thinking of running a 1/2 marathon in the fall. The July Foundations Courses are set to graduate this week! Get signed up for an August Foundations Course soon.

Paleo Kits – Real Food for Real Athletes · 31 July 2009

Paleo Kits are an economically and nutritiously smart decision. A big order is on the way. Thanks to CrossFit Verve for this workout.