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CrossFit Roots Hearts Burpees · 23 August 2010

Roots uses the CrossFit Total Ranking sheet. Lawrence pulls 360 on the deadlift.

The CrossFit Total Worksheet · 13 August 2010

Jasmine and Brian climb Mt. Elbert. Roots gets ready for The CrossFit Total with a worksheet.

You Are Selling Yourself Short if You Don’t Track Your Progress · 30 July 2010

Roots describes the importance of tracking your progress.

Put Your Cell Phone Camera to Good Use · 16 February 2010

Jim takes a heavy load overhead. Roots talks about cell phone camera.

CrossFit Total Rankings · 24 January 2010

Athletes completed the CF Total over two days this past week. Here are the CF Rankings chart from Kilgore, Rippetoe, et al.

Barbara · 20 January 2010

MBS, Roots, Verve coaching swap was a blast. Paleo Kits are on the way.

Total Tuesday · 18 January 2010

Eric, Tracy, and Jennifer attend the Olympic Weightlifting class. CrossFit Total Tuesday.

Volunteer for the Mountain Sectionals · 14 January 2010

Volunteers needed for the Rocky Mountain Sectionals.

Total Week Ahead · 13 January 2010

Kevin hikes Mt. Elbert for his 30th birthday. Info on the Total Week. Paleo article from the Washington Post.

2. Pasta · 29 December 2009

Pasta explored in the context of all grains. Why to avoid. Deadlift and running/sit-up/KB workout. Late November foundations course graduated last week.