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1 Rep Retests – Know the Plan · 13 March 2012

CrossFit Roots explains the structure of the 1 rep max retesting going on this week.

Posture Post 2 · 30 August 2011

Shane describes the pathway to better posture.

For Your Reading Enjoyment · 26 July 2011

CrossFit Roots links to articles on Paleo and Food Taxation.

CrossFit on The Economist Blog · 23 July 2011

CrossFit cited in The Economist blog.

Why We Overtrain (and won’t take rest days) · 12 July 2011

CrossFit Roots examines the sources of overtraining.

The Importance of Rest Days · 11 July 2011

CrossFit Roots talks about the importance of Rest Days.

Three On One Off · 9 July 2011

CrossFit roots starts a series on rest days.

Constantly Varied – Environmental Factors · 15 June 2011

CrossFit Roots talks about environmental factors in a constantly varied program.

Is Sugar Toxic? – or is this a Big Exaggeration? · 18 April 2011

CrossFit Roots gets to the heart of the sugar debate.

Will Lifting Heavy Weights Make Me Bulk Up? · 10 March 2011

CrossFit Roots talks about lifting heavy as a female.