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Voluminous vs. Dense · 17 April 2013

We examine a zone block of lettuce vs. rice.

Planning Your Meals for the Week? · 26 January 2013

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1BurpeesPullupsRun 100m between rounds Planning Your Meals for the Week? In case you haven’t heard, nutrition is kind of a big deal around here. When I’m organized and on top of my game, I like to have a meal plan for the week. The week runs smoother and I only have to make 1 trip […]

Announcing the Spring 2012 Look Good Naked Challenge · 9 April 2012

Announcement of the spring food challenge, the Look Good Naked Challenge.

The Alternative to Sickness, Disease, and a Dismal Life · 5 April 2012

CrossFit Roots describes the Paleo style of eating.

How We Got Here – State of US Health Continued. · 4 April 2012

CrossFit Roots references many resources to learn more about Paleo.

Going Paleo Without a Challenge · 15 February 2011

Roots talks about going Paleo without a challenge to get us on track.

A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up · 30 January 2011

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up Last Monday Nicole committed to photographing every meal she ate for the entire week. ¬†We called it A Week of Meals in Pictures. The goal was to get at the fact that yes, we really do eat like this 98% of the time. The final […]

Paleo and No/Low Carb · 6 August 2010

Shane explains the difference between Paleo and low carb. Roots does Amanda.