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Rethinking Diet – When Will Journalists Catch Up · 3 April 2015

Crain 2 rounds for time of:34 push-ups50-yard sprint34 deadlifts, 135 lb.50-yard sprint34 box jumps, 24-inch box50-yard sprint34 clean and jerks, 95 lb.50-yard sprint34 burpees50-yard sprint34 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball50-yard sprint34 pull-ups50-yard sprint Rethinking Diet – When Will Journalists Catch Up If you’re like many of your peers at the gym, your understanding of what constitutes a […]

Paleo and Zone · 26 January 2015

5 rounds:Run 200m3 rope climb This is the benchmark series workout for the rope climb test.  Log your workout! Paleo and Zone You’ve heard us talk about two methods to get you dialed in to a healthy and sustainable way of eating: Paleo and Zone. Paleo: A way of eating that mimics the way our ancestors […]

Voluminous vs. Dense · 17 April 2013

We examine a zone block of lettuce vs. rice.

Planning Your Meals for the Week? · 26 January 2013

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1BurpeesPullupsRun 100m between rounds Planning Your Meals for the Week? In case you haven’t heard, nutrition is kind of a big deal around here. When I’m organized and on top of my game, I like to have a meal plan for the week. The week runs smoother and I only have to make 1 trip […]

Announcing the Spring 2012 Look Good Naked Challenge · 9 April 2012

Announcement of the spring food challenge, the Look Good Naked Challenge.

The Alternative to Sickness, Disease, and a Dismal Life · 5 April 2012

CrossFit Roots describes the Paleo style of eating.

How We Got Here – State of US Health Continued. · 4 April 2012

CrossFit Roots references many resources to learn more about Paleo.

Going Paleo Without a Challenge · 15 February 2011

Roots talks about going Paleo without a challenge to get us on track.

A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up · 30 January 2011

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up Last Monday Nicole committed to photographing every meal she ate for the entire week.  We called it A Week of Meals in Pictures. The goal was to get at the fact that yes, we really do eat like this 98% of the time. The final […]

Paleo and No/Low Carb · 6 August 2010

Shane explains the difference between Paleo and low carb. Roots does Amanda.