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Mountain Sectionals Qualifier Workout #3 · 22 March 2010

AMRAP 10 minutes: 6 squat cleans (155/95)9 chest to bar pull-ups12 box jumps Workout #3 from the Mountain Sectionals Qualifier  The Fall of the Logo Wall – March 2010 This weekend the logo wall came down and Roots gained 300 additional square feet of training space.  Funny to think that we started in a space smaller […]

Handstand Work · 4 February 2010

Mike drops in from CrossFit Atlas in Chicago. CrossFit Roots hits Lynne. Handstand work for Roots.

Game On · 29 January 2010

“Fran”Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of: 95 pound Thruster Pull-ups

Barbara · 20 January 2010

MBS, Roots, Verve coaching swap was a blast. Paleo Kits are on the way.

Paleo Showdown Prep Session 1 · 12 January 2010

CrossFit Roots does medball clean/burpees during warm-up. Paleo Prep Session 1 tomorrow night. Special class sign-up for the CrossFit Total and for the All Girls and All Guys workouts.

Diane · 11 January 2010

James sports his Roots sweatshirt in Tahoe. Paleo Diet resources. Benchmark workout Diane.

Elizabeth · 8 December 2009

Full range of motion ring dips described. mid-November Foundations Course graduates. Roots does Elizabeth (clean and dips).

Fran, man. · 7 December 2009

Roots does Fran. Information on January Foundations Course.

Happy Spook Day · 31 October 2009

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps Roots Clothing Orders due on Tuesday!  Click here for the info, mock-ups, and order form.

Get Spooked · 30 October 2009

CrossFit Roots gears up for the Halloween workout and happy hour. The Nov. 9th Foundations Course is now full. Sign-up for the Nov. 30th course soon!