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Thanksgiving WOD at North Boulder Park · 24 November 2010

CrossFit Baseball meet at the southwest corner of North Boulder Park at the intersection of Balsam and 8th Street where the road bends. Happy Thanksgiving to the Roots Crew.  We are so thankful for you, our amazing community of athletes.  Have a wonderful holiday.

And the WTF Challenge Winners are… · 22 November 2010

CrossFit Roots announces the WTF Challenge winners.

THE CURSE of Challenge Days 13-15 · 25 October 2010

Resting 60 seconds between sets:Bench press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2rest exactly 1 minute after your last bench press set, then100 double unders for time Team Fraser during the Scavenger Hunt. Challenge question: put 9 members of your team in the SET-UP position of the 9 Foundations movements in CrossFit. The Curse of the Challenge Day 13-15 First of […]

Ski Season! · 14 September 2010

CrossFit Roots gets ready for ski season.

7pm Paleo Info Session Moved to Tuesday · 19 April 2010

CrossFit Roots holds a Paleo info session.

That’s 55 reps:) · 14 April 2010

Paleo 2.0 info sessions announced.

Total Tuesday · 18 January 2010

Eric, Tracy, and Jennifer attend the Olympic Weightlifting class. CrossFit Total Tuesday.

It’s Wednesday! · 29 December 2009

REMINDER: CrossFit Roots will be closed Thursday and Friday of this week.  Classes resume Saturday. 5 rounds of 3:00 minutes:5 pull-ups10 push-ups15 KB snatches1:00 minute rest between rounds then:Press 5×5

Casting Call · 16 December 2009

CrossFit Roots does the 400m lunge workout, picture. Casting call for Foundations Course interview group.

Hip Extension Wednesday · 15 December 2009

CrossFit Roots hashes out a team cancellation policy. November Foundations Crew graduates. Shoulder complex workout.